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Background information about standard values

List of standard values

Standard values are values needed to convert input data into GHG emissions. Standard values are emission coefficients, lower heating values, fossil energy input values and density values of process inputs as well as trasnport efficiencies. This list of standard values contains all values that were used for calculating the default values in the Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC) Annex V

List of additional standard values

BioGrace has developed the BioGrace list of additional standard values for a number of inputs, process related emissions and transport modes not listed on the BioGrace list of standard values (above) or which contain more specific values. This list shall offer an extended and more specified data background to the user. According to theBioGrace GHG calculation rules these values shall be used whenever the BioGrace list of standard values does  not contain the needed value respectively. Deviations are only allowed on conditions laid down by the calculation rules.