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List of Standard Values

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Standard values are values needed to convert input data into GHG emissions. Examples are lower heating values and values to convert 1 kilogramme nitrogen fertiliser or 1 megajoule of natural gas into greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4 and N2O) emissions.

This list of standard values contains the conversion factors that were used for calculating the default values in the Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC) Annex V but for one exception: The Commission calculated its default values using global warming potentials of 25 for CH4 (methane) and 298 for N2O (nitrous oxide), whereas in Annex V part C the Commission prescribes that global warming potentials of 23 for CH4 and 296 for N2O should be used for calculations. As to ensure that calculations are in line with the directive's rules, our list of standard values follows the methodology laid down in Annex V part C and uses values of 23 and 296.

The calculation of biofuel related greenhouse gas emissions should be harmonised throughout the European Union. The BioGrace consortium has contacted European policy makers to find the best way to include this list into national legislations implementing the Renewable Energy Directive. There are three different options:

a) Include (a limited number of) standard values in legislation
b) Make reference to the list of standard values from national legislation
c) Request the national regulating authority to implement (use) it.