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About BioGrace-II

The name “BioGrace” is used in two ways. It refers to:

  1. The BioGrace GHG calculation tools. There are two different BioGrace tools, which are:
    • The BioGrace-I GHG calculation tool for biofuels. Information on this tool can be found on the BioGrace-I part of the BioGrace website.
    • The BioGrace-II GHG calculation tools for electricity, heating and cooling from biomass. This tool can be downloaded from the current part of the BioGrace website.
  2. The consortium behind the two BioGrace tools. Currently, the tools are managed by two organisations which are:
    • The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), which manages the BioGrace-II GHG calculation tool
    • The German Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU), which manages the BioGrace-I GHG calculation tool

Both BioGrace GHG calculation tools have been developed by two project consortia which included 10 organisations from 8 European countries. This development took place from 2010 to 2015. The webpage Development history gives details on the development of the two tools.