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Train-the-trainers sessions

Verifiers and owners of voluntary schemes asked us to train the trainers of the verifiers, so that detailed information on how the GHG calculation tools should be used can be passed on to the verifiers as part of their trainings. That is to say that giving trainings to a large number of verifiers would not be feasible within the scope of the BioGrace project.

Liquid biofuels (1st round)

In continuation of the first BioGrace project on liquid biofuels, trainings on GHG calculation tools of liquid biofuels were given. These trainings did not only cover the BioGrace tool but also other biofuel calculation tools that were accepted by the European certification schemes. The aim was to reach the trainers of all the voluntary certification schemes recognised by the European Commission and/or are accepted in Member States. The seven schemes that had been recognised by the Commission in June 2011 were 2BSvs, Bonsucro, Greenergy, ISCC, RSB, RSBA, RTRS (details on these schemes can be found on the Commission's website). We also considered all other schemes accepted during 2012.

A number of four trainings was carried out from September 2012 to April 2013. The training were very practical, lasted one-and-a-half or two days, and took place in Germany, France, and the Netherlands. For each training the most adequate language was chosen, depending on the attendants and on the project partners giving the training (English, French or German).

Solid and gaseous biomass (2nd round)

When the BioGrace-II calculation tool for electricity, heating and cooling from biomass (version 2) was completed, a training session for verifier trainers was developed very similar to the one for liquid biofuels. The trainings were given twice, in Berlin/ Heidelberg in January 2015 and in Paris in February 2015.

Instruction videos

In addition, a couple of instructions videos was generated. Go to videos.